10 Years In Business

FNB CHOCOLATE BAR is a unique desserts concept restaurant which has been established in 2014 in Beirut, Lebanon.

FNB CHOCOLATE BAR has now (44) existing branches in (10) different countries (United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Congo, Senegal, and Ivory Coast) and more than five (5) branches under process.

production kitchens


FNB CHOCOLATE BAR is always looking into creating dessert art pieces which come out of the ordinary. Our menu offers various selections satisfying all the different tastes. We are proud to have our own production kitchen ensuring that our ingredients are home-made specially for our customers. In addition, we have our own customized and registered chocolate line in one of the premium chocolate factories in Belgium.

Customer Focus

We believe in treating our customers with respect and honor. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate the best taste, best services, and an amazing atmosphere into all aspects of our business functions to ensure that our customers will have a magical chocolate experience in our shops.


FNB Chocolate Bar Origins:
What happens when friends with a common passion share a vision?

FNB Chocolate Bar was born out of a mutual desire to create a product that people would love.
Our driving motto started with the idea that Chocolate is timeless. Its versatility and agelessness inspired
and fascinated us. This kick-started a journey of discovery and innovation.

Our path went through an unforgettable ride of experiments with various recipes and ideas, teaming up with talented remarkable individuals, and traveling to exotic locations to finally come up with a menu that sets itself apart from the market.


We had no idea that through out our journey, we would also be creating a community, a family, a fun, unconventional and dynamic family of chefs, waiters, customers, and suppliers that support each other, care for each other and enjoy doing business together.

Today, FNB Chocolate Bar outlets have become destinations;
Destinations to enjoy our creations,
Destinations to mingle and chat, and
Destinations to experience something new every time.